Tour n°10 :

When the Popes were in Avignon...

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The Saint Benezet Bridge and the Pope's Palace seen from the Rhone...

Detailed description

  • Morning spent in the City of the Popes : you'll visit the Palace of the Popes and the famous Saint-Benezet Bridge, whose song is sung by children all over the world.

  • Free time for lunch on your own in the town center : at each turning, Palaces, Churches, small Italian-like Squares and Museums are expecting your visit !
    Strolling about cobbled streets, lined with Mansions, period houses and Livrees Cardinalices*, all witnesses to the nine Popes' stay in Avignon - is the best way to measure the splendor of this City which, in 2000, was given the title of "The European Capital of Culture".

  • In the afternoon, Villeneuve-lez-Avignon, facing Avignon from the other side of the Rhône, will probably charm you. This charming Medieval village, city of Cardinals in the XIV° Century, represents with its monuments a veritable inheritance (the Chartreuse, the Tower Philippe Le Bel, the Abbey and the Fort Saint-André...)

  • Late afternoon, in Châteauneuf-du-Pape for a wine-tasting session of this Great Vintage.

    * In Avignon lived a lot of cardinals who occupied the best Mansions without always paying their rents ! In those days, there are a serious housing problem...